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Mat Brennan teams up with Shimla Gin as our mixologist

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Mat Brennan, noted Birmingham based barman, mixologist and cocktail expert, teams up with Shimla Gin as our resident mixologist and curator of cocktails.

Mat is a local man, working through every level of the hospitality industry these past ten years. It’s no surprise that Matt has gained a vast amount of skills that suits bartending to precision and high class mixology to perfection.

Mat takes great pride and fastidious care in creating his own cocktails to suit a locale’s history, its clientele and the particular qualities of the spirits and mixers he prefers. He also has a special interest in supporting and promoting local Birmingham based producers. We totally agree, as local business needs all the local support it deserves and can get.

Mat says that “after sampling Shimla Gin for the first time I was surprised with the freshness, the unique blend of botanicals and the smoothness compared to other gins I have tasted. From this I helped pair Shimla Gin with other spirits and softs to create twists on current cocktails – and make unique ones too”.

Shimla Gin is really happy – indeed honoured – to have Mat curate and create very special, perfectly balanced cocktails that makes Shimla Gin a stand-out spirit in your bar.

You can see our growing selection of Shimla Gin based cocktails here.

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