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Shimla Gin and Rum for sale on Threshers

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Shimla Craft Gin and Spiced Rum are now listed for sale on Threshers.

Shimla Craft Gin and Shimla Spiced Rum have both been taken up by Threshers, one of England’s best known and important online retailers of wines and spirits. Thanks team!

Shimla Gin is a characterful and flavoursome gin, with plentiful citrus balanced with warm and aromatic spice, delivering a balanced journey of flavour and clear influence from the Indian botanicals. The aromas are enticing and appealing, and the mouthfeel is smooth and full with citrus oils of subtly sweet orange and fruity pink grapefruit.

You can buy Shimla Gin here:

Shimla Spiced Rum combines a golden and adventurous blended Caribbean rum spiced with cardamom and orange, enhanced by our special blend of fine traditional and Indian grown botanicals to bring an authentic taste of India to the United Kingdom.

You can buy Shimla Rum here:

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