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Shimla Rum for sale on The Rum Company

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Shimla Spiced Rum is now listed for sale on The Rum Company.

Shimla Gin’s little sister Shimla Spiced Rum has been taken up by The Rum Company, an exciting team based in Kent who specialize in selecting unique, flavoursome, craft rums. Thanks guys!

Shimla Spiced Rum combines a golden and adventurous blended Caribbean rum spiced with cardamom and orange, enhanced by our special blend of fine traditional and Indian grown botanicals to bring an authentic taste of India to the United Kingdom.

Shimla Rum is an Indian inspired, traditional spiced rum, packed with the freshness of orange and cardamom, the warming spice of cinnamon, chilli and black pepper, and finished with the chocolatey smoothness of Tonka bean.
Orange, cardamom, and Tonka bean combine to give a refreshingly smooth and creamy gin. Uniquely blended with other botanicals, they give Shimla Rum its exotic, smooth and complex taste.

You can buy Shimla Rum here:

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